Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Memory Loss - USA Today Coverage

Mary Brophy Marcus has an excellent series of articles this week in USA Today on Alzheimer's disease.
If you have followed this theme in my blog, what's new and exciting to me is the recent reports relating memory loss to depression and diabetes.

Here are links to the articles.  First is a report on the Alzheimer's Association International Conference in Paris.  I think the article is one of the best written I've seen on any topic.

Second is an article that shows images of the kind associated with treatments described in the book, "Pictures of  the Mind", by Miriam Boleyn-Fitzgerald.


Be+Longing said...

I didn't read the articles yet. But, I ride to meetings every week with a neuroscientist who says there's a definite link between depression and dementia, as depression slows down our cognitive thinking skills. Experiencing that slowness for a sustained period of time can lead to longer-term problems like dementia.

Makes sense then that our thoughts form our reality or perhaps our mode of thinking does.

Dave Carlson said...

I received mixed response to my praise for the Mary Brophy Marcus article in USA Today. One friend said she thought the article was insensitive to people who have the disease Alzheimer's. Talking to others about memory exercises and retraining the mind, some friend's eyes glaze over. One friend clipped another news article and had it ready for me in her bag last Sunday. Still another person offered to sell me an energy drink at $45 a shot.